Leriva proudly sponsors virtual tours of the Athens City Museum for the handicapped, underprivileged and disabled.

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15 November 2019
Beyond our responsibility to principals, customers, employees and other stakeholders, we also have a responsibility to society in general. As part of our responsibility and duty to play an active role in society, Leriva made a donation to the Athens City Museum to cover the purchase of headsets and the associated equipment. Equipped with these headsets, the Athens City Museum is able to offer virtual tours to underprivileged, bedridden or hospitalized children and disabled members of society that are unable to visit the museum.
The first such virtual tour of the Athens City Museum took place on June 7, 2018. In cooperation with the Chatzikiriakeio Childcare Institution, one of the oldest childcare centers in Greece, the Athens City Museum arranged its first virtual tour of the museum. The children enjoyed a unique cultural and educational experience. They learned about the history of Athens and were able to view the countless exhibits and works of art that the museum displays. This initiative also enabled the children to better understand and grasp the technology that was employed and the opportunities that it offers.
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