Leriva was established in the fall of 2009 by George Joakimidis and Alberto Manouach, both of whom have extensive and broad experience in the health care sector in Greece, and internationally.

The establishment of Leriva was predicated on a strategic assessment of the health care sector in Greece. Although conducted against a backdrop of adverse macroeconomic variables, this assessment indicated that due to market dynamics and economic developments at both the local and global levels, significant business opportunities exist. For a multitude of international companies, new paradigms have emerged and these companies are exploring alternative market entry strategies, revisiting distributorship models and seeking new partnering solutions for the Greek market.

The timing was thus ripe for a new market entrant in the health care space in Greece and the group’s first legal entity, Leriva SA, was founded in 2009. Subsequently, the necessary infrastructures were put in place and the management team expanded. In 2011 three new legal entities were established and today Leriva operates as a group of companies with Leriva Holdings SA serving as the holding company and ultimate parent of the group’s operating companies, namely Leriva SA, Leriva Diagnostics SA and Leriva Pharma SA (formerly Leriva Imaging SA).