With effect from 2015 all the annual financial statements of the Leriva companies are prepared in accordance with the Greek Accounting Standards (Law 4308/2014) which incorporates the provisions of European Directive 2013/34/EU on annual financial statements. For prior years the annual financial statements of the Group’s companies were prepared under Greek GAAP ("GAAP") and the accounting provisions of Law 2190/1920.

Following subdued sales in 2020 when performance was adversely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, sales bounced back in 2021 and reached €18,598,262, an increase of 24.1% on the prior year level of €14,987,262. This increase in sales resulted in a significant improvement in net income which at €1,671,696, or 9.0% of consolidated sales, was well over four-fold the 2020 Covid-induced lackluster level of €376,571.

The annual financial statements of each of the Leriva legal entities can be accessed by clicking on the links below..

Leriva Holdings SA
Leriva SA
Leriva Diagnostics SA
Leriva Pharma SA (formerly Leriva Imaging SA)