The Leriva Mission Statement briefly describes why we exist as an organization, what we seek to accomplish, and the principle activity through which we endeavor to fulfill our purpose. The Leriva Vision Statement represents our aspirations and expresses an ambitious, desirable future state.

Mission Statement Mission Statement

To provide principals and business partners with unparalleled expertise in marketing, selling and distribution through superior capabilities, advanced competencies and institutionalized business processes.

To market a rich array of services and products that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care professionals, promote the wellbeing of consumers and provide innovative value-added solutions to organizations and enterprises engaged in promoting health care.

By effectively fulfilling our mission, we will enjoy the respect and earn the trust of our principals and customers and thus secure long-term mutually beneficial partnerships. This in turn will enable our employees to reap the benefits of their efforts and our shareholders to earn a return on their investments.

Vision Statement Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a significant player in the broader health care sector. We will be recognized as the benchmark and partner of choice by our principals, customers and the community at large.