Beyond our responsibility to principals, customers, employees and other stakeholders, we also have a responsibility to society in general. As an organization, we are a sub-unit of society and believe that it is the addition of these countless sub-units that make up society as a whole. We not only value being a good corporate citizen and taking an active role in society, but believe it is our duty to do so.

Our activities in this regard are many and varied. One such initiative entailed the sponsorship of the purchase of virtual reality headsets and associated equipment for a museum in the city of Athens. Armed with this equipment, the museum was able to offer virtual tours to bedridden hospitalized children and to childcare foundations that look after underprivileged, orphaned and homeless children.

At Leriva, we also aspire to offer educational opportunities and enhanced employment prospects to our young compatriots. In this regard we periodically award educational and research grants, host interns and encourage our managers to interact with university students by delivering presentations, giving speeches and generally providing vocational guidance and training.