Capillary electrophoresis is an analytical technique that separates ions based on their electrophoretic mobility with the use of an applied voltage. The electrophoretic mobility is dependent upon the charge of the molecule, the viscosity, and the atom's radius. The rate at which the particle moves is directly proportional to the applied electric field; the greater the field strength, the faster the mobility.

GenomeLab GeXP™ Genetic Analysis System

All your Genetic Analysis needs on one instrument

The GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System is a DNA sequencer and qPCR system ALL in ONE. Whether the need is for quantitative gene expression, DNA sequencing, genotyping, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and/or fragment analysis, the GeXP has it all covered. This extremely versatile system allows the investigator to run more than one application completely unattended on the same plate using the same capillary array and gel. It is thus ideal for a busy lab with multiple projects running.

PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

Perform consistent and compliant biotherapeutics characterization faster than ever

With the PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System, the success of biologics is safeguarded. It allows biopharma labs to run multiple characterizations from a single system, and produces qualitative and quantitative analyses, with speed and confidence. The PA 800 Plus is a robust analytical platform that can help you with Monoclonal Antibody Applications, Peptides and Proteins beyond mAbs and Cell and Gene Therapy Applications.


Fast and practical high resolution separation and quantitation of charged and polar analytes

The P/ACE Series is an automated, programmable capillary electrophoresis system designed to perform fast separations from complex samples. Separations occur in a capillary which is housed in an interchangeable cartridge with circulating liquid coolant for efficient temperature control. This finely regulated temperature control allows the use of high ionic strength buffers and large-bore capillaries necessary for analyzing difficult samples. With CE, methods are faster to develop, easier to validate, and less expensive to run. Note that different detectors are available to optimize application performance.

C100HT Biologics Analyzer

Glycan screening solution to analyze hundreds of samples per day

When labs want to simplify the challenges of glycan analysis and identification, the C100HT Biologics Analyzer provides that capability. Although screening and identification has traditionally been considered difficult at best, the C100HT glycan screening technology makes it possible for labs to not only process large sample sets, but also accelerate data analysis. This allows decisions on clone selection and cell line optimization to be made in real-time. By combining the power of the C100HT with the specialized glycan kit, today’s lab can screen large numbers of samples and acquire better information – faster than ever. The award-winning glycan screening technology is easy to learn, and fast to implement.

CESI 8000 Plus ESI-MS System

See what you've been missing with CESI-MS

With its revolutionary ESI-MS approach the CESI 8000 Plus enables researchers to discover previously undetectable characteristics from the minutest amount of precious samples, faster than ever before. Whether using as a standalone capillary electrophoresis instrument or in conjunction with the power of mass spectrometry, the CESI 8000 Plus allows the laboratory to concentrate on the science rather than technology.