Centrifuges are used in chemistry, biology, biochemistry and clinical diagnostics to isolate and separate the various components of liquids. They are used both in research and clinical settings and operate using the sedimentation principle where the centrifugal acceleration causes denser substances and particles to move outward in the radial direction. While this happens, particles that are less dense are displaced and move to the center. In laboratory centrifuges that uses sample tubes, the radial acceleration causes denser particles to settle at the bottom of the tube while low-density substances rise to the top.

Since 1947 Beckman Coulter has been providing centrifugation solutions for laboratories, hospitals and universities around the world. The Beckman Coulter centrifuge portfolio encompasses both high-performance benchtop models and floor-model. An extensive line of centrifuge rotors is also available for a multitude of specific application areas and are designed to accommodate a variety of sample volumes, g-forces and RPMs.

Avanti J-15

The Avanti J-15 is a high performance benchtop centrifuge that provides excellent performance for the separations needed in application areas ranging from general cell culture preparations to purified end product applications and from blood component separation to assay setup.

With speeds that reach up to 10,200 rpm and a max g force of 11,420 RCF, the Avanti J-15 is a compact 55.6 cm (21.9 inches) width that saves valuable lab space. Designed to leverage harmonic technology, which effectively minimizes sample disturbance with intelligent acceleration/deceleration profiles that result in more sample yield, the Avanti J-15 also has a new software interface that provides one-touch access to the last 6 programs (but stores up to 99). The easy-to-use, color LCD screen allows the operator to enter program parameters with no scrolling.

Avanti JXN-30

The Avanti JXN-30 is a high performance centrifuge that covers all the applications of a floor-standing centrifuge that offers advanced levels of networking, reliable performance, and improved biosafety.

With a rotor speed of 30,000 RPM and RCF greater than 100,000 x g, the Avanti JXN-30 has the ability to access and monitor data remotely, receive system notifications via email, manage permissions and address error handling and more via networks or mobile devices. The Avanti JXN-30 has easy to use software that features 11 acceleration/12 deceleration rates. With its powerful data management features, it can store numerous protocols, enable use by up to 50 unique user profiles and provide real-time run graphing. The LED touchscreen is built to withstand 10 million touches and has a backlight life of 50,000 hours

Optima MAX-XP

The Optima MAX-XP tabletop ultracentrifuge is a power-packed solution that delivers fast, efficient separations from samples as small as 175 μL up to 32.4 ml and at speeds of up to 150,000 RPM and more than 1,000,000 x g. The Optima MAX-XP features advanced software with rigorous electronic record keeping including password-controlled access and complete audit trail documentation. It has convenient touch-screen controls and easy-to-view display for gauging real-time speed, time and temperature. The Optima MAX-XP also has a unique tube designs for unparalleled productivity across a wide range of applications and a proprietary multi-level approach to biosafety which offers reliable protection.

Optima XPN

The Optima XPN is the premier ultracentrifuge. With networking capability and customizable security and tracking features to ensure chain of custody and compliance, the Optima XPN offers multi-layered BioSafety features for a safe and productive work environment.

The Optima XPN is equipped with the innovative eXpert simulation software and is available in 100k, 90k, and 80k RPM configurations. It is compatible with an extensive rotor and labware options and is backed by unparalleled service program options.

Optima AUC

The Optima AUC is an analytical ultracentrifuge. Beckman Coulter introduced the first AUC sample characterization instrument to help the scientific community power new discoveries. That tradition continues into the 21st century with the new Optima™ AUC system.

The Optima AUC is latest tool for providing data used to determine protein molecular weight in basic protein research and quantification of aggregation levels for academic and biopharma research.