Contrast injectors are medical devices that are employed for injecting contrast media into the body to enhance the visibility of tissues for medical imaging procedures. Through technological advancements, these medical devices have evolved from simple manual injectors to automated systems that not only precisely control the amount of the contrast media agent used, but also facilitate automated data collection and personalized doses for each individual patient.

Bracco has developed specific contrast injectors for intravenous procedures in Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and for intrarterial procedures in cardiac and peripheral intervention. The Bracco range of advanced, IT-enabled injectors offers customized injector protocols, extravasation detection system and data management capabilities.

CT Exprès

Syringeless CT Injector

The CT Exprès Contrast Media Delivery System is the result of several years of development targeted at better satisfying customer’s needs, cost containment considerations and safety concerns. Its unique disposable cassette permits delivery to be made directly from standard contrast media bottles, featuring multi-dosing and programmable automatic saline flush, which addresses a major need in today's imaging techniques.

CT Exprès offers the most convenient way of administering contrast media in hospitals and private imaging settings. It facilitates the control of contrast utilization and offers significant advances in cost management, workflow, automation and flexible programming. These factors make CT Exprès an ideal cost management and patient care enhancing tool for the radiology practice. The CT Exprès represents a completely new approach to the delivery of contrast media and the use of disposables, which simplify the preparation of the injector.


Efficiency and Control at your fingertips

The Empower CTA+ Injector System is a robust and intuitive syringe-based injector for Computed Tomography (CT) imaging that has been engineered to ensure operational efficiencies and patient safety. Through its visionary design and a host of other features, the Empower CTA+ facilitates streamlined workflow. These features include simultaneously operating dual syringes, variable flow rates, digital touch technology and protocol fill which automatically fills syringes to volume levels based on the selected protocol.

The advanced safety features of the Empower CTA+ Injector System include Saline Advance, which tests patency and vein integrity at the patient’s side, Saline Jump, which minimizes the contrast a patient receives, the unique patented EDA (extravasation detection accessory), which provides additional patient safety and peace of mind for the technologist and an eGFR calculator (estimated glomerular filtration rate) which simplifies calculations for evaluation of kidney functions before contrast is delivered.


World's first hydraulic-powered MR injector

The EmpowerMR is a state-of-the-art integrated contrast injection system that is designed to meet the demands of today's advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) procedures. It was the first injector to employ hydraulics rather than an electric motor. This innovative hydraulic power system virtually eliminates radio frequency transients as well as concerns about artifacts due to radio frequency distortions.

The EmpowerMR Injector System is used to inject MR contrast media followed by a saline flushing and is MR-conditional for use with 1.5T, 3T, and up to 7T scanners. The EmpowerMR also has a range of features that provide peace of mind and its intuitive, user-friendly interface makes operation amazingly simple. The EmpowerMR facilitates safety optimization while concurrently helping technologists achieve optimal images.