Automation involves the deployment of systems that minimize human intervention. With the deployment of automation systems, the key benefits include improved efficiency and safety of sample management, coupled with short and consistent turnaround times. By automating the key pre- and post-analytical steps, such as de-capping, centrifugation, aliquoting, sorting, recapping, storage and retrieval, Automation Systems help manage the increasing workloads and improve quality in clinical laboratories.

The Beckman Coulter Automation Systems expedite patient care and enhance laboratory efficiency through the delivery of rapid, consistent results that facilitate diagnosis and treatment—potentially improving patient care, emergency room times and patient/clinician satisfaction.

AutoMate 2500 Family Sample Processing Systems

Automation that fits

When an improvement in efficiency is required, the AutoMate 2500, with its Intelligent Sample Banking (ISB) software, provides the solution. The AutoMate system streamlines pre- and post-analytical processes to help gain optimal performance and use of resources, eliminating steps between sample receipt and analysis. ISB enhances automation solutions by enabling the building and management of a sample bank with maximum efficiency and security, and increased control over sample traceability.

Power Link Workcell

Empowering efficiency and quality results

Designed to create greater efficiency in mid-volume hospital laboratories, as well as low-volume laboratories, the Power Link network is a scalable workcell. Power Link brings together the reliability of the AU680 or DxC 700 AU chemistry analyzer and the versatility of the DxI 800 or DxI 600 immunoassay analyzer into one efficient platform. It is designed to optimize workflow, enhance labor utilization and expedite delivery of quality results, all using a broad testing menu. With Power Link, a single specimen is shared between the two analyzers, providing a flexible workflow and eliminating compromises when working with multiple disciplines. Rules-based interpretation of

DxA 5000

Setting a new standard for turnaround time

Today’s healthcare environment requires laboratories to focus on improving turnaround times, quality of results and operational efficiency. By leveraging a collection of patented innovations, the DxA 5000 total laboratory automation solution helps laboratories meet these challenges by driving faster turnaround times, providing a new level of comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection and reducing manual processing steps to improve efficiency.