Following a short stint with Glaxo Wellcome, Nikos Xenos joined the Gerolymatos Group as a warehouseman in 1998. Over the years he was promoted several times and gained extensive experience in all logistics aspects and good distribution practices (GDP) relating to a broad range of health care products, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents.

During his tenure with the Gerolymatos Group, Nikos broadened his knowledge through a multitude of formal seminars. His rise through the ranks was thus based not only on his hands-on experience and on-the-job aptitude, but also on the formal classroom training he received. From 2008 and right up to his departure from the Gerolymatos Group in 2011 (which by then had been acquired by Alapis), Nikos served as the Logistics Manager of one of the company’s remote facilities that served as a warehouse and distribution center for an array of health care products.

Nikos joined Leriva in 2011. At the time, Leriva’s business was still in its infancy and the company’s logistics operations encompassed a small warehousing facility and the provision of services by a third-party (3PL) operator. The subsequent configuration entailed the move to a sub-leased facility in a pharmaceutical setting. During this entire period, in his capacity as Logistics Manager, Nikos effectively managed all aspects of Leriva’s warehousing and distribution operations.

In 2015 Leriva moved its logistics operations to the current new purpose-built facility in Aspropyrgos. From the selection of the site to all construction activities, and from the installation of climate-control systems and implementation of the necessary policies and procedures, Nikos played the most instrumental role in the company in establishing a truly state-of-the-art facility which has received countless accolades from principals, business partners and auditors. Today, from an operational aspect Nikos oversees all logistics operations and procedures that are carried out in the Aspropyrgos facility in strict accordance with good distribution practices (GDP) and the highest quality standards. The Asproyrgos facility serves all of Leriva’s operating companies and its five distinct business units.

Nikos was born in Greece. He is a seasoned logistics professional with a wealth of experience in a multitude of health care product categories. Besides his native Greek, Nikos also has a good working knowledge of English. Following the successful completion of an intensive vocational training course, Nikos received a Diploma in Transportation & Logistics Management.