Maria Tsiara started her career as a Sales Representative in the OTC Division of the Gerolymatos Group in 1999 where she was engaged in both medical detailing and direct selling to pharmacies. At the time, the product portfolio of the Gerolymatos OTC Division was centered on nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals and other non-prescription products. Subsequently, she was transferred to the Group’s Pharmaceutical Division where she was involved in the promotion and medical detailing of a range of nuclear medicines and radiopharmaceuticals stemming from the Group’s partnerships with Immunomedics and the National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos.

Maria made her debut in the Contrast Media & Imaging sector as a Product Specialist and Sales Representative in 2002. As a member of the Gerolymatos Group business unit that was engaged in this endeavor, she played a significant role in promoting and rolling-out the Bracco products in her assigned territory. Maria stayed with the Gerolymatos Group and the various successor companies up until 2011.

In 2012, the year in which the Leriva / Bracco partnership commenced, she joined Leriva as a Sales Representative and Product Specialist. By that time, following an extended tumultuous period under the unavailing stewardship of the former distributor, the Bracco in vivo products (Iopamiro, Iomeron, Multihance & Sonovue) had suffered a significant loss in market share. With her extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the Contrast Media & Imaging space, Maria was instrumental in re-establishing the market presence of the Bracco products.

Following a four-year period of exceptional success as a Sales Representative and Product Specialist, Maria was promoted to the position of Sales Manager of Leriva’s Contrast Media & Imaging business unit in 2016. Widely accepted by both colleagues and customers in this more senior role, under her direction the business grew handsomely.

In 2019 Maria was once again promoted, this time to the position of General Manager of Leriva’s Contrast Media & Imaging business unit. From sales to marketing and from regulatory to logistics aspects, in her new and expanded role Maria exercises overall management oversight of the business unit. Despite an extremely difficult and challenging environment, Maria has delivered a series of successes which have placed the business on a healthy growth trajectory.

Maria Tsiara was born in Greece. Her career spans two decades and she is widely known and highly respected as a seasoned professional among radiologists and the contrast media and imaging community. Maria is a qualified pharmacist and besides her native Greek, is also fluent in both English and Romanian.