Christos Fragopoulos started his career as a Field Service Engineer of the Diagnostics Division of the Gerolymatos Group in 1987. During his tenure with the Gerolymatos Group and the various successor companies, Christos was trained and gained extensive experience on a multitude of instrumentation platforms. His diligence, work ethic and excellent customer interface skills were rewarded with several cross-rotational assignments and promotions, culminating in the position of Technical Service Manager in 2002, a position he held right up until to his departure from Medimeq, one of the successor companies to the Gerolymatos Group, in 2012.

In May 2012 Christos Fragopoulos joined Leriva where he holds the position Technical Service Manager. As Leriva’s Technical Service Manager, Christos directs and oversees a team of highly qualified and well-trained field service engineers that covers the full gamut of Leriva’s installed equipment base. With his extensive technical knowledge and outstanding interpersonal skills, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of clinical laboratory procedures, practices and workflows, Christos has played an instrumental role in the growth of Leriva’s business.

From small benchtop instruments to sophisticated automation systems, the effective installation, repair and maintenance of Leriva’s diverse range of hardware, equipment and instrumentation systems are critical to the overall success of our business. In his capacity as Technical Service Manager, Christos is responsible for the organization, planning and management of new installations and the provision of the subsequent technical support and after-sales-service.

Leriva’s extensive customer roster is geographically dispersed across the entire country and includes a multitude of laboratories, not only in hospital settings and outpatient diagnostic centers, but also in universities and research institutions. Christos and his team of field service engineers ensure that each and every Leriva instrument that is installed in a customer site performs at its optimum level and provides precise, accurate and reliable diagnostic results.

Christos Fragopoulos was born in Greece. In addition to his native Greek, Christos is also fluent in English. His professional career spans well over two decades and encompasses both field engineering assignments and managerial positions. Christos holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree in Electrical Engineering.