After graduating from the Italian High School in Athens, Alberto Manouach relocated to Israel where he earned a string of degrees and subsequently embarked on an academic career as an Assistant Professor at the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Business Policy. With compulsory conscription in Greece, after a period of 8 years in Israel he returned to Athens to fulfill his military obligations.

Upon his discharge, he joined the local representative of the consulting firm Urwick Orr & Partners where he was involved in a variety of assignments, including the application of the MBO methodology in a major Greek retail organization. Subsequently, he served as a long range planning consultant in Cherma Electronics, a local subsidiary of a Belgian company engaged in the provision of services to the Greek Shipping Industry.

In 1977 he joined PN Gerolymatos, which at the time was a relatively small local health and beauty company. Over the course of the ensuing three decades, Alberto Manouach worked closely with the founder and owner of the company in jointly formulating and implementing a range of strategies and initiatives that resulted in robust growth. By 2008 when the company was sold, the Gerolymatos Group had attained a leadership position in the health and beauty industry in Greece and also enjoyed a significant international presence with subsidiaries and operations in several countries.

During his association with the Gerolymatos Group, Alberto Manouach held various positions of increasing responsibility, culminating in Vice President of Business Development and President of Gerolymatos International. Over the course of his employment with the Gerolymatos Group he was instrumental in consummating acquisitions, securing licensing agreements with leading international companies and also launching new business ventures.

Following his departure from the Gerolymatos Group, he co-founded Leriva in 2009 where he holds the position of Company Group Chairman.

Alberto Manouach was born in Greece and is fluent in several languages, including Hebrew, French and Italian. His professional career spans well over three decades with significant experience in the international arena and in the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics, an MBA and a PhD..