Blood cell systems use principles of physics, optics, electronics and chemistry to separate cells of diagnostic interest and then quantify and characterize them. These systems allow clinicians to study formed elements in blood, such as red and white cells and platelets. The most common diagnostic test is a “CBC” or complete blood count, which provides information on from eight to 23 different blood cell parameters. 

The Beckman Coulter hematology product line is structured to address the differing requirements of high, medium and low volume laboratories. From the innovative UniCel DxH platform - ushering in a new era in cellular analysis with unparalleled quality of results, innovative efficiency solutions and revolutionary scalability - to the high-volume COULTER hematology workcell (LH 785 configuration) to compact Ac·T analyzers, the Beckman Coulter hematology instruments address the needs of every lab.

Beckman Coulter hematology systems are backed by Leriva’s unparalleled service and support to ensure maximum uptime and provide more solutions that increase the laboratory's capacity and productivity while ensuring accuracy and quality of results.

For more information please visit the Beckman Coulter website: Hematology