Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology in which cells suspended in a fluid flow one at a time through a focus of exciting light, which is scattered in patterns characteristic to the cells and their components. They are often labeled with fluorescent markers so that light is first absorbed and then emitted at altered frequencies. A sensor detecting the scattered or emitted light measures the size and molecular characteristics of individual cells. Tens of thousands of cells can be examined per minute and the data gathered are processed by computer. 

Flow cytometry is used in numerous applications in basic research, clinical research, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics testing. Flow cytometers rapidly identify, categorize and characterize multiple types of cells in suspension. Flow cytometers allow analysis of cell types including cell characteristics such as phenotype or functionality, thereby allowing researchers to analyze specific cell populations. This analysis can be performed beyond blood to include bone marrow, tumors and other cells. 

Through our partnership with Beckman Coulter, Leriva delivers comprehensive system solutions that address the principal steps in cell culture laboratory processes. We collaborate with our customers to understand their requirements and create flexible solutions that meet their evolving needs. We offer a broad technology portfolio and various bundling options that enable laboratories to deliver results accurately and efficiently.

For more information please visit the Beckman Coulter website: Flow Cytomerty - Clinical Diagnostics & Flow Cytometry - Research & Discovery