Consumer Health Care

Positioned behind the pharmacy channel, Leriva’s Consumer Health Care business unit markets solutions that help consumers improve their health and enhance personal wellbeing. The product range encompasses dietary supplements and consumer medical devices.

Changes in consumer habits, particularly increased health awareness and self-medication, deregulation and the promotion of patient autonomy by the authorities to ease the pressure of government health spending are among the themes shaping the Consumer Health Care and Over-the-Counter (OTC) market in Greece. With roughly 140 pharmaceutical wholesalers and approximately 11,000 pharmacies, the market for OTC and Consumer Health Care products in Greece is fragmented. From a product category perspective, this market encompasses a rich array of categories including vitamins and nutritional supplements, cough and cold remedies, pain relief products, digestive and intestinal remedies, tonics and stimulants, eye care products, skin care treatments, oral hygiene products and consumer diagnostics.

Our extensive experience in marketing products in the pharmacy channel, coupled with the effectiveness of the physician detailing organization and our capabilities with regard to the execution of in-store merchandising and trade marketing programs, enable Leriva to formulate innovative approaches that yield truly exceptional results in the marketplace.

Product Portfolio: Immuvit