Company Group Structure

Leriva’s company structure is comprised of four legal entities all of which are incorporated and registered in Greece as Sociétés Anonymes. To instill a common identity across all customer segments and effectively promote the group as whole, all the legal entities operate under the Leriva banner. Leriva Holdings SA serves as the holding company and ultimate parent of the group’s operating companies, namely Leriva SA, Leriva Diagnostics SA and Leriva Imaging SA.

In terms of distribution and licensing agreements, Leriva Diagnostics SA is the counterparty to the Beckman Coulter Distribution Agreement and is thus fully dedicated to this franchise. In a similar fashion, Leriva Imaging SA is fully dedicated to the Bracco franchise and is the counterparty to the Bracco Distribution Agreement. In addition to its various commercial operations stemming from distribution and licensing agreements, Leriva SA provides support services such as Finance & Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology and Logistics to all the other companies under the group’s shared services arrangement.