Health Services

By harmonizing advanced technologies and medical expertise, through our partnership with Second Opinion International BV, we provide a dynamic collage of e-health services. Tailored to the requirements of specific customers, primarily insurance companies and financial institutions, these e-health services are then delivered by these organizations to their subscribers. Indicative services include:

Second Opinion - Access to world class hospitals in the USA, France and UK in order to obtain a professional second medical consultation. Designated state of the art technology ensures speed, confidentiality, and independence. 

Nurse Connect - Connection with a locally based nursing team. Designed for any medical need – daily, acute or chronic. Interactively delivered via a diverse range of communication tools – chat, email, SMS, and more. 

GP Talk - An opportunity to receive an online video conference consultation with an experienced, locally based GP (family doctor). Designed for any medical need, daily, acute or chronic. 

Surgery Consultation - Before, during and after surgery, a locally based medical team is available via a broad range of communication systems offering vital information, support, and recovery management strategies. 

Cancer Assist - Support and information to assist cancer suffers and their families. A locally based nursing team delivering personalized assistance, backed-up by international cancer specialist teams.