Monoclonal Antibodies

An antibody is a “sticky” protein that targets a specific antigen. Antibodies circulate in the body until they find and attach to the antigen. Once attached, they recruit other parts of the immune system to destroy the cells containing the antigen.

Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory produced substances that are used to recognize specific antigens on the surface of cells. As antibodies, they locate and bind to specific antigens and in this manner, immunofluorescent-stained monoclonal antibodies serve as cell-surface markers by brightly labeling cells for detection by the flow cytometer.

Through our partnership with Beckman Coulter, Leriva offers a large and diverse range of monoclonal antibodies. 

For more information please visit the Beckman Coulter website: Multi-Color Reagents to Human Antigens, Single-Color Reagents to Human Antigens (CD) & Single-Color Reagents to Human Antigens (Non-CD)