Products & Services

With an impressive array of business collaborations and alliances with both established and emerging companies that are at the forefront of innovation with novel products and services, Leriva distributes and markets a broad range of health care products and services through its various business units.

In line with the company's mission, the rich array of products and services that Leriva markets are aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health care professionals, promoting the wellbeing of consumers and providing innovative value-added solutions to organizations and enterprises engaged in promoting health care.


To successfully increase laboratory performance, it is important to choose a reliable partner that offers the breadth of diagnostic tests, instruments and information systems that streamline laboratory processes while concurrently ensuring accuracy and consistency. Through our partnership with Beckman Coulter, we offer an extensive range of best-in-class laboratory-solutions, along with a broad spectrum of diagnostic tests. As a collaborative partner, we work with our customers to maximize quality, workflow and operational efficiency.

Covering a customer base that encompasses a multitude of medical specialists, our Imaging & Contrast Media business unit markets an extensive range of evidence-based diagnostic image solutions

Through our partnership with Mendor of Finland, we market the company’s innovative, revolutionary, discreet, easy to use, portable all-in-one blood glucose meter. Marketed under the brand name Mendor Discreet, the product not only offers truly unique features, but is also supported by a web-based software application. 

The production of safe and healthy food is critical to the success of food manufacturers and the brands they market. Throughout the food chain, manufacturers require reliable and accurate monitoring and testing processes. These monitoring and testing processes not only ensure quality for the consumer, but they are also essential in safeguarding the reputation of the brands under which manufacturers market their products. The increased focus by regulatory bodies on processes and regulations, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP, reflects the overall importance of Good Manufacturing Practice and drives food safety related programs across the entire sector. Through our partnership with 3M, we offer an extensive range of testing and hygiene monitoring products that help food and beverage manufacturers achieve the highest levels of product quality, safety and environmental hygiene.

By harmonizing advanced technologies and medical expertise, through our partnership with Second Opinion International BV, we provide a dynamic collage of e-health services.