Mutual Trust & Respect

We trust and respect all our employees and the principals, customers and organizations with whom we choose to partner. We expect this trust and respect to be reciprocated. Based on this climate of mutual trust and respect, we empower our employees, and in managing the brands in our portfolio, we endeavor to conduct business as a seamless extension of our principals’ organizations.

We treat everyone fairly and with respect. We pursue an open and trusting dialogue internally within the company, and externally with our principals and business partners.

We not only respect but also encourage different views, whether they stem internally from our employees, or externally from our principals and business partners. We endeavour to understand ideas and suggestions that differ from ours. We respect each other and acknowledge diversity. We embrace all who share our values and are willing to contribute with their knowledge, talent, interpersonal skills and professional competencies in the pursuit of our objectives.

We strive to preserve and enrich the value of each and every employee and seek to create strong and mutually beneficial relationships with all. We promote an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect, and personal dignity. When employee issues arise, we deal with them in the fairest and most sensitive manner possible.

We advocate employee empowerment and involvement. We constantly seek inputs and insights, and proactively involve employees in the decision making process. We delegate and opt for broader spans of control.

We believe in participative management. We endeavour to build consensus and avoid imposing decisions. We provide appreciative and constructive feedback to each other to improve our individual and team performance. We are a team.

We train and develop our employees and provide advancement opportunities to all persons. We have high standards and expect our employees to deliver against these standards. We recognize and reward good performance and strive to maintain a productive and loyal organization.

We work in a business environment that is demanding and challenging. Our managers and executives act as coaches, mentors and facilitators. We promote and cherish a friendly atmosphere and appreciate humour.